Project Wingman & Rainbow SpiraBobbles

The Spirabobble team are delighted to be working along side Project Wingman with thousand's of Rainbow Hair SpiraBobbles being distributed to frontline keyworkers and NHS staff.

Project Wingman is a group of airline crew from across every UK airline, united by our profession and dedicated to serving our NHS staff during this COVID-19 crisis. We provide a space to unwind, de-compress and de-stress before, during and after hospital shifts.

Since NHS workers give first class treatment to their patients, our ‘First Class Lounges’ are our way of giving NHS staff the treatment they deserve.

Furloughed, grounded, or made redundant by the COVID-19 crisis, we aircrew find ourselves in the unexpected circumstances of having the skills and time to help those most in need of a smile.

a photograph of various airline staff standing in a carpark on top of a big blue heart with a rainbow background which says NHS and Thank you

Crew are all trained in human factors and how to communicate with colleagues who are in stressful situations. We fellow uniformed professionals understand what it is like to operate in a highly disciplined, regulated and pressured environment.

This goes a long way in bonding and shared experience and empathy. Medical staff need to talk about their job with people who can empathise with the pressures involved.

Whether it’s talking to a cabin crew member about their travels, or being handed a cup of tea by a pilot, our uniformed and dedicated airline crew are putting smiles on the faces of NHS workers across the country.

Project Wingman is currently working in 40 hospitals across Scotland, England and Wales.

a map of showing locations of 40 hospitals where project wingman is helping during Covid-19 pandemic

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