SpiraBobbles vs Regular Elastic Hairbands

Katie tells us why she prefers SpiraBobbles.

SpiraBobbles vs Regular Elastic Hairbands - SpiraBobble

Having a hair band wrapped around your wrist has become a daily essential for a lot of women. Whether you’re squeezing in a quick workout before meeting your friends or walking on a really windy day, you never know when you may need to tie your locks up and out of the way.

It’s become the symbol of a prepared woman - it even got its own reference in ‘Birds Of Prey’ during the middle of an action scene.

However, there’s a lot of downsides to carrying an elastic on your wrist - least of all the red indentation you get when it cuts out some blood circulation. Many women now prefer to go with a sleeker, more reliable spiral design that still grips your hair tight.

If you’re not already a lover of spiral ties, you’re about to be.

Here’s the benefits of SpiraBobbles compared to elastic hair bands:

1. They’re not as tight on your scalp

A lot of ponytails or up-dos cause headaches or tension in the back of the head that worsen the longer they’re left - mostly because the scalp is in a constant state of aggregation as it’s pulled. When you alleviate the pressure of up-dos with a better design hairband like the Spirabobble, it feels like your hair isn’t even up!

2. They don’t leave creases or other traces

Pulling half your hair out when an elastic was too tight and being left with a big kink where the ponytail was can ruin plans and downright hurt - luckily the design of SpiraBobbles makes it easy to pull hair out of up-dos without snagging or kinks or creases, and leaves you free to go from a workout to the office without washing or straightening your locks.

3. They’re more waterproof and hygienic

Washing your hands used to result in a wet band of fabric clinging to your wrist for hours after it dried, leaving the elastic useless and your skin uncomfortably wet. Because of the smooth plastic texture of a Spirabobble, water runs off and the band dries a lot faster, meaning you can wear them in the shower and after!

You can wear them for work and just wash them at the end of each day if necessary - it does not affect their performance and nor should it affect yours.

 4. They won’t snap after a couple of uses

You know when you get that feeling when you wrap a hair tie around a perfect bun - only for the elastic to snap as you pull it too tight. It is not great and it is really frustrating too. The flexible plastic design of SpiraBobbles means it’ll take a lot more than that perfect bun for it to snap. Plus you can always pop it in hot water if it stretches too far and it will always revert back to its original shape.

 5. They’re prettier

Just like scrunchies, Spirabobbles add a little bit extra to whatever you’re wearing; you can colour co-ordinate with your outfit that day, knowing you have something stylish at hand for emergencies. 

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